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Tollboden hotel is a unique hotel at the edge of the wharf in Kragerø

Right by the water, and right in the heart of Kragerø is Tollboden Hotell, which opened its doors in March 2018. When walls and floors from 1783 meet an exclusive and modern design, a completely unique atmosphere is created that you can experience in our 19 rooms with 36 beds.

Tollboden in Kragerø is associated with summer, sun, boating and delicious food by the wharf – real southern country idyll. We have an award-winning wine cellar, a very charming hotel and an oasis of an outdoor restaurant with a peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by fruit trees and historic buildings.

The main building was built in the latter half of the 18th century and is listed. Where for many years it was the center of commerce in Kragerø, today it is one of Kragerø’s finest meeting places.



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